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Puzzle is a game, logical problem and toys which we play to collect all the things together and solve the puzzle and  to finding the solution of puzzle we have to use the logic  way, then we find the result of puzzle.We have play puzzle games in many catagories and there are different pluzzles as like logic puzzle, word puzzle, trivia puzzle and cryptic puzzle. Puzzles also create the more entertainment to solve the mathematical and logical puzzle and get the solution of the puzzles.

There are some puzzle games which we love to play:

Tetris Tetris

Tetris are the game of pieces of some geomatical shapes and we have to constitute the four square blocks each. A casual squence fall down in the playing field.If you have need to rotate the shape so you will rotate the shape.The process of playing the each level the pieces fall faster and the game is end when the playing space is full on the top and there is no space to enter the next piece and like this we have to clear all the levels and lines.

Sudoku Sudoku

Sudoku is online game and it is a challenge and logical puzzle game. This is originated for all ages players.The goal of this game to fill all the columns with the number of 1 to 9 and each block contains 3*3 numbers.The same method applied for all columns and rows over 9 cells.

Minesweeper minesweeper

This is the single player puzzle video game. In this game the player to discover the hide mines or bombs without explode anyone.In this the player take help from the clues to find the neighbour mines in every level.In this game have many discrepency and offset.

Columns Columns

The playing area of this game is encircle with in rectangular and tall area.In this game three different type of sign shows here, first one is at a time, second is at the top of the well and the third one is fall to the bottom.When the columns falling down, the player do move the columns and set it.

Bejeweled Bejeweled Game

In this game the player have to swap the gem with an alongside gem.You have to swap it horizontal and verticle of three forms or more than three gem of same color.When you make the chain of gem more than three so may get the bonus points.

Dots Dots

Dots is the conceptual programmable game. This is the game played by two or more people on the paper.This game is similar for apparently to play and the player have to leave the dots are not taken and the goal of this game is to capture the second person’s dots which are surrounding of dots and continue the game line with the dots of own.

Bookworm Book Warm

This game allows the player to join the adjoining letters to form a correct word of the english language. If you want to produce more points and bonus for this game then you should join the longer words for that. After making long words the colored tiles are formed according to your present level and your difficulty.

Zuma Zuma

Zuma is the game to remove all the balls which are rolling in curving path on the screen and it is visible on the screen except of the last level.In this game the player can arrange two balls at one time and switch them any time.

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